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Skype: wendyyang07
QQ: 309504396
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Company News >> Environmental inspection in China
China will soon launch a new round of central environmental inspections covering eight provincial-level areas, as the country finishes nationwide investigations into local environmental protection efforts, according to an official statement Monday.
A total of eight inspection teams will start month-long on-site investigations into local government work, including Jilin, Zhejiang and Shandong provinces, the Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP) said in a statement.
Inspectors will monitor key environmental issues, oversee local improvements and push local government accountability.

In this case,all the small factories,especially the heavy polluting enterprises have to stop their business."That will cause the price cost rising up again",the CEO of a packaging factory said.and they have to postpone the delivery time for their customers."Hope the China government not only pay attention on the small enterprise,but also need inspect the large state owned enterprises ",one of the hardware CEO said.

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